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Forgive Yourself - Deidre Hughey

Review, Reward and Plan or Risk “The Chigger”

If you’ve been a client of mine or simply reading my blog posts or Facebook updates, you know that I am always on a mission to help you to improve. My mission is to help you move forward, overcome any roadblocks that come your way, kick your “stuck” to the curb and light a fire in your life that helps you to live the life you are meant to live!

However, if you are only focused on moving forward, you may create a roadblock or stuck point without realizing it. I call this particular stuck moment, “The Chigger”.
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You Are Loveable - Deidre Hughey

Reset Your Life – Love and Embrace Your Past

You can’t move forward…until you embrace your past!

Some of you have not had pleasant pasts. In fact, when you saw that I said you had to embrace your past you may have thought to yourself, “Uh…no. Not happening.”

But take a moment and think about it. In fact, think about these questions:
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Find Your Greatness…Today!

Do you ever look at your goals or dreams and think…

  • I’m not sure it’s possible for me.
  • I’ve tried really hard to get what I want and it’s too hard.
  • Maybe I’m not meant to be great…maybe I should just give up.

Yet, when we look outside of ourselves and to someone else with the same excuses, we see something different even if the obstacle looks incredible.
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Reset – There Are No Quick Fixes

The truth is…There are no quick fixes!

Every once in a while you hear about something don’t you? Let’s say you’re trying to lose weight and then all of the sudden you start hearing about some revolutionary new product that is not going to require you to exercise to lose weight. Right? Or some miracle pill, all you have to do is take this pill three times a day and BAM all of the sudden you have a bathing suit body in a month! It’s absolutely amazing!
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Reset – You Can’t Make Everybody Happy

This is for all the “people-pleasers” out there. I know you’re out there! I have a streak of people-pleasing in me.

(I’ve obviously made some strides to overcome this. LOL!)

Let me tell you, there’s a part, especially as you get married and have children, there’s a part of you that really does have a people-pleasing aspect.

And, somewhere along the way, you forget about yourself.
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